What does Selah mean?

I get asked this all of the time and, no, it is not my name or maiden name! It is a Greek word most commonly found in the book of Psalms in the Bible. It means to pause and consider. Something I think all photographs should do. (Sidenote: When telemarketers call and ask for Selah, I happily tell them she is out shopping for the day.)

Didnt you used to live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area? Is this the same studio?

Why, yes I did and yes it is! My husband received an amazing opportunity with his job to move to Wichita. After praying about it together, we decided to dive in. I work in DFW from time to time, but I am currently working in the Wichita and Kansas City wedding markets.

Why only weddings and events?

Well, after over ten years of general portraiture which includes everything from births to high school seniors to family portraits AND while maintaining a pretty hectic wedding schedule, I decided to cut back. FYI, this is a hard thing for photographers to say and admit they need to do! But I wanted to have time with my family in our new adventure in Wichita. So, I am focusing on what I love the most: weddings and special events.

Do you make exceptions?

Well, of course! Email me and we can talk about it.

Is your pricing on your website?

As per usual, it is not available to just everyone on the website! I know... you just want the information! But everyones wedding or event is different and it would be bad if I quoted the wrong price or didn't check my calendar first. I will tell you that our basic wedding collection starts at $2200. You can request the access code for pricing on our Contact page.

You photographed my family when you worked in Dallas. Do you recommend another photographer in the D/FW area?

I do! April Sunshine Hawkins (yes, that's her given name!) is the one to call. She is amazing, spunky, creative and a generally awesome person. She photographs families, children, high school seniors and events. Her business is extra awesome because 100% of her portrait session fees are donated to her project to build a home for the children of Joy Divine in Nairobi, Kenya. You can find out more about her goal on her site. Fun fact: April is also the second photographer at most weddings I come back to Texas for! We love a good wedding!

Several of my friends have told me that a First Look is a great idea, but I am not sure. Do you require your wedding couples to do this?

Well, I only half agree with your friends. First looks are a good idea for SOME people. I would say about half of my wedding couples do them. In practicality, they are great for getting wedding photographs taken care of before the wedding. Also, it gives you more time with your guests and at your reception. BUT! If you have dreamed of that moment of you walking down the aisle and seeing each other for the first time at your actual ceremony, then stick with your gut. I truly leave it up to the couple.

What do you like to do outside of photography?

Explore Wichita with the family, watch Oscar movies, binge watch Netflix, read, surf Harry Potter trivia online, bake stuff for people, and my most favorite pastime, doing the NY Times Crossword every Sunday. Some say thats nerdy... well, you do it and see what a genius you feel like when you finish. I get to be a genius every Sunday... well, most Sundays... I would say half....